A "Biches" shirt.

Biches (singular: bich), is a phrase commonly said by Jack to refer to his fans. The "Biches" phrase is a misspelling of "bitches". The phrase was first seen in the first episode of Your Grammar Sucks, one of Jack's most popular series. The proper pronunciation of the word "bich" is very similar to the German pronunciation of the word "Bach" but instead with an I to make a "bih" sound before the "ch" noise. Jack has even made T-shirts out of the phrase, which he has been seen wearing in various videos as well as at VidCon 2012.

The most times the word "bich" was used in a single Jacksfilms video was "Jack City Bich", which used the word 23 times in less than 1:50. PewDiePie sometimes uses "biches" in some of his own videos, but afterward notes that it is a mere Jacksfilms reference. Formerly, Jack had a "Bich of the Week" in his videos, and from "Dubstep Tobuscus" onwards Jack made it official that he would begin calling his viewers and fans "biches". The Jacksfilms faithful were also known shortly as "Jacksnerds" before "biches" became as popular. 

Urban Dictionary DefinitionEdit

What YouTuber Jack Douglass refers to his fans and subscribers as. This is an incorrect way of spelling bitches. This originally started when his hit series (a parody of very bad grammar that was suggested by Youtuber noodles90lily).


Jack wearing a white Biches T-shirt.