Furvius is a character created by and portrayed by Jack Douglass. It is Jack's fursuit of Garfield.

Description Edit

Unlike typical fursonas of the furry fandom, Furvius began as a suit before being made into SFW art (with exceptions only being made if the art is "hot"). The fursuit is actually an adult-sized Garfield costume from, which Jack notes is "100% anatomically correct," despite the drooping tail and sagging stomach.

On January 16th, 2018, Jack announced that he was nominated for the YouTuber of the Year category in the Shorty Awards (alongside Jake Paul and Lele Pons). In the same video, he asked his fans to tell him what to do if he won the award as a YIAY question (#YIAYwin).

Ten days later, in YIAY 393, he stated that he would go up to the podium and give his acceptance speech in a fursuit. On April 2nd, he spoiled the appearance of the "fursuit" by livestreaming the webpage on Twitch. Soon after, he uploaded the unboxing video.

True to his word, Jack wore the fursuit upon winning the award.

Trivia Edit

  • Furvius is a level 25 dark mage, with a healing factor of 7.
  • Impervious to all fire and magic-based attacks
  • Typically votes Republican
  • Furvius is 9 feet, 11 inches tall (302.26 cm), and weighs 350 pounds lean
  • Hobbies include Zumba and deep web
  • Sexually attracted to non-earth-based lifeforms only
  • Favorite food is lasagna, but he's lactose intolerant
  • His catchphrase is, "OOH, THAT'S A SPICY MEATBALL-A," but only says it when he's horny
  • Not religious, but is spiritual
  • Loves all kinds of music (except country and rap)
  • Pro-fun, but anti-abortion