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MyMusic is an American web mockumentary sitcom created by the Fine Brothers that premiered on April 15, 2012 on the MyMusicShow YouTube channel. The series follows a group of co-workers that are employed under a music production company. MyMusic was the first transmedia sitcom on YouTube.

Characters and Main CastEdit

Adam Busch as Indie, a modern-day hipster and the CEO of MyMusic. According to a quote on the old MyMusic webpage, his real name is Jeb Indie.

Grace Helbig as Idol, a social media addict and the Social Media Guru of MyMusic. She is a big fan of anything mainstream and follows any popular trend. According to the newspaper article glimpsed briefly in the first episode, her real name is Jamie Woods.

Jarrett Sleeper as Metal, a metalhead and the Head of Production at MyMusic. He is the father of Rayna and the husband of Tina. When faced with incompetence, he dreams of taking over MyMusic, and renaming it Metal Town. According to his Yelp account and an episode of MyMusic Presents, Metal's full name is Emmet Allan Klaga.

Lainey Lipson as Scene, a happy-go-lucky scene girl and an intern at MyMusic who has an unrequited obsession with Indie. She has a LinkedIn account that reveals her name to be Norma Haish.

Jack Douglass as Intern 2, a generic, bland intern at MyMusic who is commonly abused and berated by the other employees. Based on his Spotify playlists on Facebook, his real name is Melvin Munson.

Intern 2, played by Jack Douglass.

Tania Gunadi as Techno, a raver who is part of MyMusic's Talent Booking team. She is the only staff member who can understand Dubstep, and she acts as his translator.

Chris Clowers as Dubstep, a raver who can only communicate through "wubbing" and other various noises. Although he can understand everyone else, Techno is the only staff member who can interpret what he is saying. He is part of MyMusic's Talent Booking team.

Mychal Thompson as Hip Hop, the Head of Marketing of MyMusic who, despite his gangster facade, is a nerd who enjoys Japanese culture and role-playing games. According to his Tumblr, his name is Curtis Armstrong. It is revealed that he was once a cello teacher for ROTFL:BRBTTYL:) member Lunch, played by Athena Stamakinley.


MyMusic was the primary series of the MyMusicShow YouTube channel. It documented the antics of MyMusic, a transmedia production company where, rather than referring to each other by name, the staff go by the varying music genres with which they associate. CEO and founder Indie heads the team, which consists of people following extremely different (and frequently conflicting) tastes and attitudes. The company claims to have been given the YouTube original channel, and has a documentary crew filming them day to day.