[1]"The Newtube Youtube" is a parody video released by Jacksfilms on May 13, 2013. It received good critical reception and almost 900,000 hits, with over 30,000 likes and over 200 dislikes.

In the video, Jack plays a senior toolbox named Dack Jouglass who is proud to announce YouTube 18.0--"the new YouTube"--which showcases drastic and unrealistic changes to the site.


Senior toolbox Dack Jouglass looks to the camera and says, "We did it guys, we finally did it!" He introduces the topic of YouTube 18.0, which now has paid subscriptions. He proudly says viewers are able to watch Jacksfilms videos for just $3.99, with an additional $2 for HD. ("What a steal!") Dack also says people can subscribe to the Jacksfilms channel for just a monthly payment of $6.99. ("I'm practically givin' em away!")

Dack calls it "the new Hulu--er, YouTube". Dack asks the viewer if they thought this very video they were watching was free, and says that they've already charged your credit card; "What's that, you don't have a credit card? You do now!" Dack says he knows what you're thinking, but stares at the camera for a couple seconds and then says "The new YouTube!"

Dack says that what they've done was take the "you" out of "Youtube" and jam it right up their butt. He then begins to list the site's new premium channels: FemiPix, HombrePix, NuestroPix, and Franklin. He also mentions another premium channel named the Rap Battle Network, which features rap battles between two famous artists "that you totally know". He names off several battles: O-Red vs. J-Money, Dizaster vs. Detour, DNA vs. "S... S-Youngin?" He says that everyone's buying paid videos; he looks at the Jonny Storm/Bad Mr. Frosty battle video's 67 views and says "Dozens of them!" Dack says it's not quite on demand or cable, it was a mix of the two: "on d'cable". Dack then says "The yew NouTube!"

Dack says to imagine watching videos of people playing video games for just $4.99/month. ("Sign me up!") He then says to imagine watching all your favorite Ray William Johnson videos for the same price. ("Now that's what I call premium content!") Dack then says desperately to please purchase their cat videos, but then says "the NewTube YouTube". 

The video suddenly stops, and the real Jack walks in front of the frame. He says that the people at Jacksfilms enjoy goofing around and making jokes, but says in all seriousness that if one of your favorite YouTubers starts charging for their content, "PUNCH EM IN THE THROAT."

The video ends showing links to the previous parody and the previous YGS episode, as well as a message stating that YGS 51 would be coming the following Friday, all while Jack beatboxes.