YIAY LIVE is a live version of the popular YIAY series on Jack's YouTube channel. The first episode aired on August 31, 2018.


YIAY LIVE was first teased in a tweet on July 13, 2018, in which Jack stated that he would be, "taking a few weeks to focus on the next big thing".[1] He once again teased the project in a tweet on July 22, 2018, stating that he was more excited for this than any video he'd ever done. [2]

At the end of episode 434 of YIAY, titled, Why are these dogs fighting?, Jack first asked the question for an upcoming episode of YIAY.

What's my big announcement?

―YIAY episodes 434 and 439

Jack once again asked the question at the end of episode 439 of YIAY, titled, Los Angeles in 4 words

In episode 440 of YIAY, titled, My Big, Fat Announcement., Jack officially unveiled YIAY LIVE.

Episode FormatEdit

Each game of YIAY LIVE consists of 5 rounds.

Round 1Edit

I ask a regular YIAY question. It's like an icebreaker! You submit your answers, I pick my 5 favorites, and then you vote for a winner from those 5.

―jacksfilms Twitch channel

Round 2Edit

Same thing, but it'll be 1 of 4 rotating questions, including Roses Are Red, In Just 4 Words, Alexander Hamilton, or Keep It Clean.

―jacksfilms Twitch channel

Round 3Edit

Are you funnier than a YouTuber? Prove it! For this round, I'll ask a regular YIAY question, then pick 4 of my favorites from you. But I'll also sneak in my own answer, and you won't find out which one's mine until all the votes are in. If I win this round, then nobody wins this round. Pressure's on!

―jacksfilms Twitch channel

Round 4Edit

Random round! I'll spin a wheel that will land on either Acronyms, Fix This Bio, Clickbait It, or Fake Facts.

―jacksfilms Twitch channel

Round 5Edit

Final round. The Best of the Best. I'll ask one final question, but only the previous 4 (or 3!) winners can answer. Then you all vote one last time for the winner. Winner gets a prize!

―jacksfilms Twitch channel

List of WinnersEdit

Episode Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5
1 Caroltheneighborhoodkid RedCyro jeffdoomsi Lemonoutrage jeffdoomsi
2 spookyisred mcmclyric imasmolbeen Elecvis imasmolbean
3 Drangonfruitjam wallhug sockneyyy metakiko sockneyyy
4 chasedylee misspenguin14 yiaythiccuss esvvi misspenguin14
5 DKBeastMode007 tubbabubbatub jacksfilms Halfprice DKBeastMode007
6 livia27i halisavakis BeTa_CP dan_rodriguez halisavakis
7 para_0 Trajakhan TylerDeVenny dcvkeeper30 para_0
8 ahaber00 blast_chance tasnim_the_weeb coyfish24 ahaber00
9 OscbydieTwitch Burakoru ressott pseudonymousperson pseudonymousperson
10 jillianbrodsky Jacebook22 JESSCUS okeesmokee okeesmokee
11 izzy61634 deadlycupcake11 Shyguythegamer1 FoxLikesPancakes deadlycupcake11
12 YellowMW bestfriendnathan jacksfilms chattermaster YellowMW
13 NtheProfessional osmonde1 aceofsquiddles lynnsquad24 NtheProfessional
14 Evtema3 breeezus_ ItsYeBoiDashie KarmaLoaf23 Evtema3
15 gingercrumpet5 lordturnip_ laila_lastname SteltekOne laila_lastname
16 colinfilmslive zebadmedic xcr_34 Beekee Beekee
17 jholmxc22 prong_ peachpaawz hmirei peachpaawz
18 heleritammemagi SWSe2 cmADAM14 puggahs puggahs

References Edit

  1. jacksfilms on Twitter: "You're getting 6 more vids this month, then I'm taking a few weeks to focus on the next big thing…"
  2. jacksfilms on Twitter: "3 vids this week, then taking a nice lil break to work on that big secret thing that like 4 people know about…"