Episode 18 of YIAY LIVE aired on November 7, 2018 at 4pm ET (1pm PT).

Round 1Edit

What would you do with a foldable phone?

Submission User Percentage
watch Ben Folds mackureeman 10.3%
make a phone taco justanotherpersonlikeu 18.0%
send foldable nudes ArmouredMonkey 24.8%
Wrap it 'round my dong The97beast 21.6%
foldable tiktoks heleritammemagi 25.3%

Round 2Edit

Alexander Hamilton
Write a line that kinda rhymes with Alexander Hamilton!

Submission User Percentage
pulling up his big boy pants, alexander yiaylive win AbuseThePoke 19.6%
giving sweets to all the kids Alexander in a van SWSe2 37.7%
Plays Fiona in Shrek franchise, Alexander Cameron stylianius1 14.1%
has a flippy Samsung phone? Alexander bendin' it tmrbabe 20.5%
has some very nice yoga pants, Alexander camel toe ElkibelkiTaken 8.2%

Round 3Edit

Are You Funnier Than A YouTuber?
British slang!
What do Brits call cell phones/smartphones?

Submission User Percentage
Celly Celly Telly Telly Rossteoporosis 20.1%
glowy holdy surfy wurfys jacksfilms 10.1%
ring-a-lings mcmclyric 24.2%
clickyboos bedsrule 8.8%
Wee-People Talky-Boxes cmADAM14 36.8%

Round 4Edit

What does USA stand for?

Submission User Percentage
Using Silly Acronyms LilMoneyWhat 5.7%
Ultimate Shit Atrocity kiasrai 9.2%
United Shrek Army CcUtGhGod 32.2%
Universal Samsung Admiration jillianbrodsky 5.0%
Uwu Slurp Aww puggahs 48.0%

Round 5Edit

The Best of the Best
Why should the people vote for you?

Submission User Percentage
cause' i subbed to pewdiepie heleritammemagi 43.3%
To save 10% off of ANYTHING on the Be A Klondike merch store cmADAM14 8.1%
I can teach you how to come up with actual solutions SWSe2 4.7%
no plz no puggahs 43.9%


  • This is the third episode to be delayed, and the first episode to be delayed twice.
    • On November 6, 2018, Jack announced via his Twitter that the YIAY LIVE for that day would be moved to the next day, November 7, in order to give himself a day to catch up.[1]
    • Jack's enthusiasm for a Samsung live event caused the stream to be late while he watched it.[2]


References Edit

  1. jacksfilms on Twitter: "Moving today's scheduled YIAY LIVE to tomorrow (11am PST/2pm EST, mainly for Europe audience). Need to play catch-up today with planning YIAYs and non-YIAYs"
  2. jacksfilms on Twitter: "Sorry guys - YIAY Live will be late again today. This Samsung live event is still going on, and I've waited 4 years for the bendy foldy phone thingy. Not gonna miss this"