Episode 3 of YIAY LIVE aired on September 7, 2018 at 5pm ET (2pm PT).

Round 1Edit

A group of _____ is called a _____.

Submission User Percentage
A group of nerds is called a bazinga notanerd2 25.5%
A group of youtubers is called a waste Januszato 28.6%
A group of introverts is called an angst. xxjanee 10.9%
A group of jacks is called a funny'nt Drangonfruitjam 35.1%

Round 2Edit

In Just 4 Words
In just 4 words, tell me the meaning of life.

Submission User Percentage
not worth it, die chasedylee 29.0%
100 dollars of merch itzdanburton 9.7%
eat sugar, tell lies wallhug 31.1%
Epic's Fornite Battle Royale Y0n11 10.5%
watching shit youtubers box Cloudzsy 19.7%

Round 3Edit

Are You Funnier Than A YouTuber?
What's your best pickup line?

Submission User Percentage
Hey baby, I'm emotionally unstable Pepsipsycho 13.0%
i won yiay #3 wanna get some merch ? mrgames05 13.3%
PLEASE MOM sleepyaristocrat 20.6%
we're cousins by God, but lovers by choice sockneyyy 34.4%
girl i've got 100 vbucks the night is ours jacksfilms 18.7%

Round 4Edit

Clickbait It
Clickbait this:
My wife and I went out for some drinks.

Submission User Percentage
i roofied my wife!! sapphronxd 13.4%
ALCOHOL SAVED MY MARRIAGE?!? mrdshorts 25.6%
I'm married to an alcoholic? luolith 11.0%
I'M EATING ONLY LIQUIDS??!!?1 A_Peculiar_Fellow 15.9%

Round 5Edit

The Best of the Best
Why should the viewers vote for you?

Submission User Percentage
because i will give everyone 5 vbux :D metakiko 10.9%
Beause i found deme tu co johnny johnny in fortnite!! (not clickbait!?) Drangonfruitjam 34.0%
Because I'm wearing a klondike hat wallhug 5.6%
to fuel my broken ego sockneyyy 49.5%