Episode 6 of YIAY LIVE aired on September 18, 2018 at 2pm ET (11am PT).

Round 1Edit

Fill in the blank:
I hate when YouTubers _____.

Submission User Percentage
claim to have a real job malten 27.4%
flex on me SirPriceless 10.1%
I hate when YouTubers YouTube. papa_dynamite 12.0%
I hate when youtubers twitch darkpedh 21.5%
act like theyre human livia27i 28.9%

Round 2Edit

Keep It Clean
I'm a sick fuck,
I like a quick fuck

Submission User Percentage
I'm a rad boy I want a new toy ttrevor11 16.8%
I'm a bit sick, hope I get better quick kadon_boldt 17.1%
im a sick kid, i like medicine lesbianflower 8.4%
I'm a good kid, I like some nesquik halisavakis 32.8%
I'm a thicc duck I need a tight hug Ukrakenorino 24.9%

Round 3Edit

Are You Funnier Than A YouTuber?
What's the quickest way to get 1,000,000 views on YouTube?

Submission User Percentage
Find out here by clicking here! huntia2713 25.6%
makeup tutorial while crying and apologizing jacksfilms 14.3%
break up with another youtuber hocus_bogus 11.2%
say please LadyMorning 20.5%
get your mom to make a million bot accounts BeTa_CP 28.3%

Round 4Edit

Fake Facts
Write your best FAKE FACT!

Submission User Percentage
eating bananas everyday will help you increase your "size" Dr_WhoLock99 11.2%
New Zealanders use more toilet paper per capita than any other country. kekistan7 9.4%
Your big toe is the same size as your nose. dan_rodriguez 37.2%
Did you know, that Walt Disney never actually went to Disneyland Smartguy74 17.7%
there is a species of spider in Australia whose bites cause homosexuality in women! playerCharacter33 24.5%

Round 5Edit

The Best of the Best
What is the last text you sent?

Submission User Percentage
"You kiss better than my mom" halisavakis 42.8%
if you dont forward this text to 10 people i will die BeTa_CP 29.4%
Hey Johnny, where is all the sugar? -Love, Papa dan_rodriguez 27.8%