Episode 7 of YIAY LIVE aired on September 21, 2018 at 9pm ET (6pm PT).

Round 1Edit

When is the worst time for your phone to lose battery?

Submission User Percentage
when the FBI man is asking you about your history prianthebotato 13.5%
when you are showing someone how much battery capacity your phone has sirplghead 30.7%
when in a haunted mansion bryce_hea 2.9%
Any time lol amiright fellow teens? para_0 42.6%
bomb defusal alialagil 10.4%

Round 2Edit

In Just 4 Words
In just 4 words, describe twitch to someone who has no idea what it is.

Submission User Percentage
dont watch YIAY live frogsarecoolmydudes 13.0%
The poor man's youtube shravanmurders 10.2%
terrible youtubers with lag AdamtheCuban 18.4%
lame content, worse chat deipfei 13.1%
sweaty men playing fortnite Trajakhan 45.3%

Round 3Edit

Are You Funnier Than A YouTuber?
Starbucks has a new drink this season. It's _____!

Submission User Percentage
blood of the sinners brand0n_dillard 15.6%
OOPS ALL PUMPKIN SEEDS jacksfilms 22.1%
slurp juice Lsimoes2 19.7%
expensive guilt shravanmurders 13.2%
Water! But without a straw now TylerDeVenny 29.3%

Round 4Edit

Fix This Bio
Fix Apple's twitter bio!

Submission User Percentage
Less, But More. kle3rf 20.0%
Dongles for all occasions Point21gigawatts 18.5%
You'll buy it dcvkeeper30 30.1%
BIO costs only $75 kevinator900 13.5%
buy our 1500$ meme machines mariomaniac10201 17.8%

Round 5Edit

The Best of the Best
What are you wearing?

Submission User Percentage
Klondike merch with nothing underneath Trajakhan 8.1%
A Klondike hat and nothing else dcvkeeper30 17.4%
I'm wearing Furvious. I stole it it's mine now. para_0 43.2%
Khakis. Naw jk I'm naked TylerDeVenny 31.3%