Episode 9 of YIAY LIVE aired on October 2, 2018 at 2pm ET (11am PT).

Round 1Edit

What would you rather be doing right now?

Submission User Percentage
Sorting through sewage The_Gamer_SJ 6.2%
kissing my sister Shyguythegamer1 26.7%
watching a real streamer masterofmemery 24.1%
watching paint dry Litten___ 15.6%
watch smosh the movie with my bro OscbydieTwitch 27.4%

Round 2Edit

Keep It Clean
This town is like a great big
pussy just waiting to get fucked

Submission User Percentage
This town is like a great big lollipop, just waiting to get licked. RayEmling 14.7%
This town is just like a great big book, just waiting to be read! FireKeepYT 9.2%
This town is like a great big juice box just waiting to get sucked. Burakoru 32.4%
this town is like a big grandma just waiting to get hugged frnkyouout 24.4%
This town is like a great big puppy. Just waiting to get loved SaltMaster77 19.4%

Round 3Edit

Are You Funnier Than A YouTuber?
You have died and gone to Heaven. What is the first thing you tell God?

Submission User Percentage
lol gg bro ressott 29.5%
send me back GradiaOpal 6.9%
I was funnier than a youtuber Pianodude 20.1%
Hi, I'm vegan WeegeeFett 24.5%
you're not my real dad jacksfilms 18.9%

Round 4Edit

Clickbait It
Clickbait this:
I can't find my shoes.

Submission User Percentage
Mr crocs were STOLEN!??! ThiccGeneral 14.3%
A SHARK ATE MY LEGS!? LeacherPreacher1 8.1%
I CAN'T WALK ANYMORE? Kythol 26.5%
MY FEET ARE NAKED?!?! reaperjr_jld 23.4%
I HAVE A SHOE FETISH??? *Not clickbait* pseudonymousperson 27.7%

Round 5Edit

The Best of the Best
Why do men have nips?

Submission User Percentage
To provide for their families during the coldest of winters. pseudonymousperson 45.8%
Cause men always need a good flickin'. Fwip, fwip. Burakoru 36.5%
to fit in with women ressott 17.7%


  • The episode was originally supposed to air on September 28, 2018 at 9pm ET (6pm PT). However, due to his Stream Deck having issues as well as lag issues, the episode did not air after these technical problems.[1][2][3][4]
    • The only thing known about the episode was the Round 1 question which was, "What would you rather be doing right now?".


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